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Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Kansas State University
1800 Denison Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66506
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KSVDL Client Care
General Inquiries
785-532-5650 or
Fax: 785-532-4835

KSVDL Business Office
Billing Inquiries
785-532-3294 or
Fax: 785-532-3502

Regular business hours:
8 am - 5 pm Mon.-Fri.
8 am - noon Sat.


July 2019

KSVDL Price Changes

Beginning July 1, a one percent KSVDL lab-wide biohazard fee will be added to all accessions that include biological samples.

In addition to the one percent biohazard fee, all necropsies will be charged a $30.00 necropsy fee, in addition to any test fees.

The charge will be for each accession and not the number of animals:

One animal submitted = $30.00

Five animals included in the submission = $30.00



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