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Alternative Bovine Trichomonas Sample Collection Method

Recently, an alternative method for collecting smegma samples from bulls for Trichomonas testing has been communicated through the popular press.

Instead of using a pipette to collect smegma, this technique utilizes a 4X4 gauze sponge.  The sponge is then placed in the InPouch™ TF pouch and submitted to the laboratory for testing.

To read more about the alternative method please follow:


When using this alternative collection method, the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory will accept only those samples submitted InPouch™ TF pouch (i.e., will not accept gauze samples submitted in saline, etc.)

Although we will accept samples collected using the traditional method or the alternative method, at this time we recommend the traditional method.

If you have any questions, please contact KSVDL Client Care at 866-512-5650 or clientcare@vet.k-state.edu.

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