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In the Necropsy laboratory postmortem examinations (necropsies) are performed on a variety of species under the supervision of board certified pathologists on all carcasses submitted for necropsy. A gross necropsy examination consists of an external evaluation of the animal and examination of the internal structures including the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, urogenital, and central nervous systems. Removal and examination of the spinal cord may also be performed for an additional fee.

Ancillary tests may be performed in conjunction with other laboratory sections at KSVDL to determine the cause of death or clinical signs if requested by the submitter. Each animal submitted for necropsy is subject to a disposal fee.

Results of the necropsy and/or ancillary testing will be reported to the submitter upon completion. For a gross only examination this is approximately 3 business days. Cases with ancillary tests performed at KSVDL may require 1-2 weeks. Results may take additional time if referral testing or selected tests of longer duration are needed.


  • Animals may be submitted for cremation or after-life body care without a necropsy examination.
  • The Necropsy laboratory is available for research purposes. Contact KSVDL for details.
  • The Necropsy laboratory is an integral part of training for senior veterinary students and pathology residents.

If you have questions about a specific test conducted by this lab, please contact Client Services at (785) 532-5650, toll free at 1-866-512-5650 or for special testing submission and fees.