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Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

The Rabies Laboratory of Kansas State University


The Rabies Laboratory is the primary diagnostic lab for the states of Kansas and Nebraska. The diagnostic team tests brain tissue for animals suspected of having rabies and coordinates closely on all positive results with Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

The Rabies Laboratory is one of the highest volume rabies serology centers in the world for both humans and animals handling over 80,000 samples each year. The lab has extensive experience in measuring rabies antibodies by the Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization (FAVN) test and Rapid Fluorescent Focus Inhibition Test (RFFIT) and Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

The Rabies Laboratory meets quality monitoring standards of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments as well as numerous State departments of health. The lab also welcomes and engages in collaborations with academic and commercial partners.

Laboratory Licenses
Laboratory Personnel
KSVDL Director
Jamie Henningson
Quality Practices Manager
Cammen Lewis
Communications and Customer Service
Cindy Wilson
Hunter Wilkens
Human Serology and Special Projects
Dale Claassen
Samantha Pralle
Jamie Gardner
Celine Jiron-Corrales
Brenda Waters
Lindsey Howard
Suhasini Ganta
Cassidy Keating
Cathy Troupe
Caleb Kueser
Emily Hedden
Michelle Zajac
Levi Chermak
Animal Serology
Florence Wang
Catherine Boreas
Konner Cool
Mackenzie Showalter
Miriam Macedo
Benjamin Wiens
Rolan Davis
Emily Farmer
Guinevere Richards

Note: For all diagnostic emergencies please call: 785-532-5690.

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