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Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Kansas State University
1800 Denison Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66506
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KSVDL Client Care
General Inquiries
785-532-5650 or
Fax: 785-532-4835

KSVDL Business Office
Billing Inquiries
785-532-3294 or
Fax: 785-532-3502

Regular business hours:
8 am - 5 pm Mon.-Fri.
8 am - noon Sat.


KSVDL Quality Committee

Kelli Almes – Client Services and Necropsy
Joe Anderson – Virology
Anushka George – Immunology
Chandra Gordon – Quality Manager , Committee Chair
Jamie Henningson – Histopathology
Brian Lubbers – Clinical Microbiology and Microbial Surveillance Laboratory-Olathe
Elizabeth McQuade – Rabies
Susan Moore – Rabies and Serology
Janice Muller – Clinical Pathology
Lalitha Peddireddi – Molecular Diagnostics – Service
Elizabeth Poulsen – Molecular Diagnostics – R&D
Tanya Purvis – Clinical Microbiology
Debra Ritchie – Parasitology
Heather Sloan – Virology
Kelsey Wohletz – Client Services
Kristina Wyatt – Histopathology
Fangfeng Yuan – Molecular Diagnostics – Service

KSVDL Advisory Board

Tara Barnhardt - Veterinarian, Cattle Empire
Phil Bentz - Practitioner, Animal Health Center
Scott Beyer - KSU Animal Sciences and Industry
Dale Blasi - KSU Animal Sciences and Industry
Jeff Demint – Practitioner, food animal
Fred Gardner - Practitioner, equine and mixed animal
Thad Geiger - Kansas State Board of Agriculture
Jessica Harrison - Practitioner, Rose Hill Veterinary Health Center
Shane Hesting - Kansas Wildlife Coordinator
Brian Hodes - Practitioner, Rose Hill Veterinary Health Center
Megan Kilgore - KVMA Executive Director
Kim Kirkham - USDA/APHIS Area Veterinarian
Danelle Okeson - Veterinarian, Rolling Hills Zoo
Megan Potter – Practitioner, swine research and herd health
Sharon Schwartz – Swine Producer
Tom Schwartz – Director, Veterinary Health Center
Justin Smith – Kansas Livestock Commissioner
Randall Spare – Practitioner, mixed animal
Matt Teagarden – President, Kansas Livestock Association
John Teeter – Practitioner, small animal
Dan Thompson – Professor and Industry Liaison