Export and Regulatory Testing Policy

Critical Information Necessary to Accept Test Requests

Due to stringent regulations for export of animals, KSVDL will be unable to accept test requests that omit critical information needed to fulfill travel requirements (i.e. unlabeled tubes, draw dates, name of the animal). The critical information necessary is specific to the test(s) and/or the travel destination of the animal. Clients are responsible to determine the critical information needed specific to the testing requested prior to submitting the samples to KSVDL. Tubes, at a minimum, must be labeled legibly with the animal’s name and/or permanent identification (i.e. microchip number, tattoo, tag number). If the tube(s) and submission forms(s) cannot be “unequivocally associated,” KSVDL, in the best interest of the client/owner safety and for reasons of legal liability, will cancel the testing request. KSVDL is the testing laboratory only for these tests and is not given authority by state officials, USDA or other countries to decide if omitted, incorrectly written information is acceptable for travel.