To Make Online Payments

To make the payment online, please go to our website at (using Microsoft Edge seems to work best when making the payment)

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select the Pay Now option, then Pay Online on the next screen.
  2. Select Payments – This is for clinics & owners, etc. Please click on the purple View Details to the right of this.
  3. Enter the amount due with no $ sign. (You will need to know how much you are paying)
  4. Enter the name listed on the credit card you are using
  5. Select if it is the clinic's credit card or the pet owner's credit card
  6. Fill in the address where the credit card statement is sent
    Make sure you change the country to reflect the corresponding country
  1. Enter a good email address so when the transaction is complete, a receipt can be emailed to you
  2. Where it says Please Select, click the drop down arrow on the right. Please select one of the following:
    1) Accession # (only applicable if we have received the sample) 2) Microchip # or 3) Account #
  1. In the next box please enter either the Accession number, animal's Microchip # or the clinic's Account #
  2. In the description of charges box, you may add additional information to help us understand what payment is for (i.e. FAVN & NDA Label or US Domestic Shipping or International Shipping, Invoice # RXXXXXX, Additional Microchip Number if paying for more than 1 Sample, etc.)
  3. Click Add to Basket
  4. Verify your information
  5. If all looks good, please click Proceed to Checkout
  6. Please choose Pay with Credit Card