Tests and Fees

Abortion Panel Bovine, Sheep, Goats Fetal Abomasal Fluid Other/additional tissues will be charged for routine aerobic culture.Alternative samples are fetal lung or fetal liver. More Info
Aerobic Culture All All except milk (see Milk Culture) $20.00 first specimen, $8.00 each additional specimen More Info
Aerobic Susceptibility All All Performed on pure cultures only. Charge for each isolate tested. More Info
Anaerobic Culture All All $20.00 first specimen, $8.00 each additional specimen More Info
Anaplasma PCR Bovine Fresh Spleen, Whole blood (EDTA) Diplex Real-Time PCR, This test is designed to identify specific Anaplasma species(A. marginale and A. phagocytophilum) in a single reaction. Acceptable samples for this test include unclotted (EDTA) whole blood sample or, spleen. This test can be performed on individual or, pooled (up to 5) blood samples for $31.00. If a pool is tested positive, upon request, each sample in the pool will be tested subsequently @$15.00/animal. If apooled sample testing is requested, each bovine blood sample must be collected individually, in a separate EDTA tube, and transported to the lab. The lab will pool the sample in groups of 2-5.
Note: if pooling is not marked on the submission form, each sample will be tested and charged individually.
More Info
Anaplasmosis Bovine Serum 1-10 samples $11.50 each, 11+ samples $7.00 each, Sample should arrive at laboratory 1-2 hours prior to test start time for processing. More Info
Anti-nuclear Antibody Canine, Feline, Equine 1 ml Serum More Info
Avian Influenza PCR Avian Tissue (lung), oropharyngeal or cloalcal swabs More Info