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Rabies in animals is reportable to the State Health Department. The KSVDL Rabies Lab notifies the State Health Department of all rabies positive, unsuitable, and indeterminate test results daily. The state or local health department will call the submitting veterinarian and animal owner to conduct an investigation to identify people, and animals, that were potentially exposed to the rabid animal and provide recommendations for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis for people.

Rabies diagnostic testing of animals that are suspected to have exposed a human or animal to rabies is a medical urgency, not a medical emergency.

The local health department also has the authority to quarantine unvaccinated animals that were exposed to the rabid animal. If you suspect rabies in any animal, contact your local or state health department immediately.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment: 1-877-427-7317 (24 hours a day); http://www.kdheks.gov/epi/human_animal_health.htm

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services: (402) 471-2937

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