Sending Samples - Requirements, Instructions and Shipping (UPS Prepaid labels)

Specimen Requirements for FAVN

Draw sample in a serum separator tube. Spin and separate serum from clot and pour 1 to 2 mL of serum into a 3.0 or 5.0 mL test tube. If quantity is not sufficient, due to leakage, damage or original volume, we will notify the veterinarian.

The serum sample must be relatively clear because grossly lipemic or hemolyzed samples are not viable for testing. A good way to check if the sample is acceptable is if you hold it in front of a calendar and if you can see the numbers on the calendar, then go ahead and send.

The tube must be labeled legibly with the animal’s microchip number even if it is the only tube in the package. The label must be securely attached to the tube. Unlabeled tubes are cancelled! NO exceptions.

Normally there is no need to store a sample but if necessary, the serum can be stored in the refrigerator up to 10 days and in the freezer 1 month.

FAVN Report Instructions

You are responsible for entering the information on the FAVN REPORT FORM , with the knowledge that it will be used by government officials. Please note - The Official pet travel document is a copy of the FAVN REPORT FORM with the white adhesive sticker reflecting the titer results.

A complete FAVN REPORT FORM is required for each sample submitted and the original form is retained on file at the Rabies Laboratory. Results are reported in International Units per milliliter (IU/mL) and a titer of greater or equal to 0.50 IU/mL is required for pet travel to rabies-free areas.

Complete the FAVN REPORT FORM on-line and print if possible. Otherwise, handwritten information must be printed neatly and clearly in black ink.

Record the destination the animal will be traveling to. The destination is for Rabies Laboratory use to determine where to send the official FAVN REPORT FORM (stickered). Some destinations require us to send the report directly to them. If the travel destination changes (example: travel to Japan instead of Hawaii) after the test is finalized, it will not affect the validity of the FAVN results.

Record the submitting clinic contact information as we will send the official FAVN REPORT FORM (stickered) to the submitting clinic unless we are required to send to a destination. Refer to “SENDOUT OF FAVN REPORT” below for additional information.

Record the owner’s first and last name and the animal’s name. The microchip number must be recorded on the FAVN REPORT FORM and the serum tube. Microchip identification must be implanted prior to sample draw. If an animal has two microchips, only the first number listed on the FAVN REPORT FORM will be provided on the result label.

The Serum Draw Date must be completed using mm/dd/yyyy format. A waiting period of 21-30 days between rabies vaccination and blood sampling is advised for optimum antibody response. Always verify requirements with the destination country as some have a longer wait period before the serum can be drawn.

The Species/Breed, Sex and Age and Rabies Vaccination History are all for the Rabies Laboratory use only. Include up to 3 vaccination dates if available, beginning with the most recent shot administered.

The veterinarian must sign the completed submission form, thereby confirming all information on the FAVN REPORT FORM is correct. If there are questions concerning the submission, the Rabies Laboratory communicates directly with the submitting clinic by fax, email or a phone call. Please be sure and record this information on the FAVN REPORT FORM.

If an error is detected on the result label after the test is finalized - and our laboratory confirms a handwriting misinterpretation - the submitting clinic will be required to provide a letter explaining the error and pay for a reissue of the FAVN REPORT FORM.

Packing Instructions - Put into a small shipping box the following:

  • Plastic bag containing sample tube labeled with the animal’s microchip number/name
  • Plastic bag containing FAVN REPORT FORM and any accompanying paperwork
  • Small frozen gel pack
  • Bubble wrap or packing peanuts for cushioning
  • Paper towel or other absorbent material in case of leakage

International clinics only: a copy of the “FAVN REPORT FORM” should be placed on the outside of the package for custom agents to keep, place the original form inside.

Shipping Options- we recommend next day or 2-day delivery

You will need your client account number which is on your monthly invoice or call 785 532 4406 and we will look it up for you. However, if this is a first time submission, call Rabies Lab @ 785 532 4406 or email

  • Choose your own courier service. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the shipper - we do not accept packages sent "bill to recipient."

The K-State Rabies Laboratory is open to accept packages Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, excluding State Holidays. Send samples to:

The Rabies Laboratory
Kansas State University
2005 Research Park Circle
Manhattan, KS 66502

Saturday delivery available via UPS Prepaid label but will not increase testing time and the sample receipt date is assigned when packages are opened on Monday through Friday.

Exception regarding Rabies suspect tissue received on Saturday-The Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices provide guidance that administration of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis is a medical urgency, not a medical emergency. Submissions received on Saturday will be tested the next working day. There is no routine testing on Sundays or holidays if the following day is a business day. The need for emergency testing will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and arrangements MUST be made by telephone in advance by calling 785 532 4406 or 785 532 4826. See

The K-State Rabies Laboratory will not track samples shipped to us, please do this yourself to determine when we have received your sample. Once you have tracked and determined the shipment is delivered, choose the FAVN Microchip Status Search at the following link to check progress

Processing Time

Current FAVN turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks with no expedite service.
If questions, call 785-532-4483.


The official FAVN REPORT FORM (stickered) is sent via FedEx Express Saver to the submitting clinic UNLESS the destination is Hawaii, Guam and islands in the Caribbean, which require us to send the official FAVN directly to their Dept. of Agriculture. In those cases, the submitting clinic will only receive a copy via email and or fax of the FAVN REPORT FORM.

Copies of the FAVN REPORT FORM can be emailed or faxed to any government authority such as a USDA or destination official upon request.

Clinics located outside the United States are sent the results via email and airmail, however, Courier Delivery of the official FAVN is highly recommended.

Courier Delivery

If delivery of the results via FedEx Express Saver ground is not fast enough then, an additional courier fee is an option by either completing the Credit Card Authorization form found at the following link:

Or choose Pay Now on line at the following link:

NOTE: More than one result can be sent in the same courier shipment if the samples were received together. Please write all microchip numbers on the Courier Delivery Form.

If you would like results returned via courier to a location other than the submitting clinic (for example directly to the pet’s owner), we need written permission from the submitting clinic with the alternate address and phone number. Email or send alternate shipping request with the sample submission.

Billing Policy, Charges, and Methods of Payment

The submitting clinic listed on the FAVN REPORT FORM is considered our client, not the pet owner. Please refer to Payment and Billing information at the following link:


The FAVN test can only be cancelled by written authorization from the submitting clinic/veterinarian to Written authorization must be received prior to sample testing, otherwise a cancellation fee is charged.