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Diagnostic Insights for Technicians


We are pleased to initiate our newsletter, Diagnostic Insights for Technicians and to welcome you to this inaugural issue. Our objective is to use Diagnostic Insights for Technicians as one of the ways to emphasize our commitment to partnering with you, a key stakeholder for us and in veterinary practice. Our goal is to provide relevant, timely, and practical information. Information tips and hints, disease alerts and concerns, new test offerings, value-added services, and access to laboratory personnel will be included in each issue of Diagnostic Insights for Technicians.

We are strongly interested in hearing from you. Our intent is to have open, honest communication as we attempt to achieve our goal of becoming a first-choice diagnostic laboratory for your clinic – we believe it is all about effective communication and partnering. Everything KSVDL is doing is driven by the desire to fulfill our mission at the highest possible level, and central to that is our passion to provide to you with the highest quality information and service for you and the practice you serve. Our goal is to be accurate, timely, relevant and add value.

From a personal standpoint, my “door” is always open, please feel free to contact me and let me know how the KSVDL may partner with you at 785-532-5650 or 785-317-4543 or ganders@vet.k-state.edu. We want to hear from you whether it is regarding case results, shipping/packaging advice, something we can do better, or just questions and concerns – we value each interaction every time.

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