January 20187

Meet Dr. Steve Ensley

YouTube video Dr. Steve Ensley graduated in 1981 from Kansas State University with a DVM. After 14 years in mixed practice in the midwest he received a MS and PhD in veterinary toxicology at Iowa State University completing his PhD in 2000. Dr. Ensley has worked for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as an assistant professor and veterinary toxicologist. Dr. Ensley has also worked for Bayer AG in Kansas City before returning to Iowa State University working in the Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine (VDPAM) in 2006. In November 2017 Dr. Ensley moved to Kansas State University and works as a clinical veterinary toxicologist.

Dr. Ensley’s interests are clinical veterinary toxicology and applied veterinary toxicology research. Dr. Ensley has published extensively on applied veterinary toxicology and gives numerous presentations on these topics. Food animal veterinary toxicology is his passion.

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