KSVDL Outreach Activities

  • Dr. Ben Hause gave a talk at the Symposium of Computational Resources for Swine Viral Diseases at the USDA-National Centers for Animal Health titled, “PRRSV genome diversity (there’s a lot more going on besides the GP5).”
  • Dr. Kelli Almes attended the 2015 Emergency Conference on One Medicine One Science, Avian Influenza, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Drs. Ben Hause, Richard Hesse and colleagues published, “Identification of a novel Picornavirales virus distantly related to posavirus in swine feces” in Virus Genes.
  • Dr. Dick Hesse gave the keynote presentation (“Identification of Emerging Swine Viruses & What to do with Them”) at the 8th Symposium of the Swine and Poultry Infectious Diseases Research Center (CRIPA) at the University of Montreal, College of Veterinary Medicine, Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec.
  • Drs. Dick Hesse and Gary Anderson attended the World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Dr. Hesse was a plenary speaker (“Emerging Swine Enteric Coronaviruses in North America”) and Dr. Anderson was a moderator and attended the executive meeting.
  • Drs. Kelli Almes, Jamie Henningson, and Jerome Nietfeld presented case reports during the 76th Annual Conference for Veterinarians, Manhattan, Kansas.
  • Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek, with assistance from veterinary student Heidi Yonkey completed Johne’s risk assessments on four western Kansas and Nebraska dairies.
  • KSVDL sponsored Pioneering Partnerships with NBAF, Manhattan, Kansas.
  • Drs. Bill Fortney and Gregg Hanzlicek made presentations at the SE KVMA, Cherryvale, Kansas.
  • Drs. Gary Anderson and Gregg Hanzlicek attended the Western States Livestock Health Association meeting, Denver, Colorado.

Upcoming Activities

  • Dr. Brian Lubbers will be presenting “Antibiotic Resistance in the BRD Pathogens: A Diagnostic Data Update” at the Academy of Veterinary Consultants meeting on Friday August 7th, Denver, Colorado.
  • Dr. Brian Lubbers will be presenting “Fast-tracking to an Era without Veterinary Antibiotics: Residues, Resistance, and Regulations” at the Montana Veterinary Medical Association Fall Symposium on September 11th, Bozeman, Montana.
  • Dr. Bill Fortney, Dr. Mike Moore, and Elizabeth McQuade will be manning the KSVDL exhibit at the CVC from August 28th-31st, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Drs. Chanran Ganta, Gary Anderson, George Kennedy, and Gregg Hanzlicek will be talking about Bovine Respiratory Disease at the K-State Stocker Field Day on September 24th, Manhattan, Kansas.
  • Beth McQaude and Dr. Bill Fortney will be representing KSVDL at the South West Veterinary Symposium from September 24-27, Fort Worth, Texas.

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