Kansas Anaplasmosis Study Update

Recently, KSVDL has received a large number of bovine samples that were unsuitable for nitrate testing.

Thanks again to all the veterinarians and their clients who participated in the state-wide study. We ended up with samples from close to 900 herds!!
The testing has been delayed, but we are hopeful results will be forth coming.

Originally, the goal was to have all sampling completed by January 31st so results could be forwarded to producers took their herds to grass. KSVDL extended the sampling period two more months because herds were late pregnancy checking, and we wanted to give as many herds possible the opportunity to participate.

This extension has delayed our third party laboratory from completing the testing as we would have liked.

We are hopeful the results will be available within the next couple of weeks. As soon as we receive them, we will forward the results to you.

Thanks again for your participation.

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