Extraordinary KSU College of Veterinary Medicine Student Efforts

Starting in the fall of 2015, a small group of dedicated students from the class of 2017 have been spending time after class with the KSVDL advancing their education and perfecting their clinic skills. These students have spent after class time on Friday afternoon (18 sessions) rectal palpating cows to improve their pregnancy diagnosis skills. All have become very proficient at pregnancy diagnoses that include pregnancies of gestational lengths of less than 40 days to third trimester!

Many of the same students also spent their Monday evenings learning about practical cow-calf nutrition. In all, eight sessions were conducted, and students gained experience building and critiquing rations, formulating appropriate mineral supplements, using BRANDS™ nutrition software. They have the necessary skills to be able to provide nutritional services to their cow-calf clients upon graduation!

The students who participated in these activities included:


Pregnancy palpation wet labs: Cow-calf nutrition wet labs:
Lauren Christensen Lauren Christensen
Chris Eckert Chris Eckert
Jennifer Fallon Kaitlin Foley
Kaitlin Foley Savannah Isley
Savannah Isely Alissa Kirchhoff
Erin Jobman Jacey McDaniel
Alissa Kirchhoff Lorna McPeek
Jacey McDaniel Landon McQuilliams
Lorna McPeek Bobby Ann Shanks
Landon McQuilliams Quynn Steichen
Erin Schmidt Elli Unruh
Bobbi Ann Shanks Anamarie Weber
Quynn Steichen
Ben Suchsland
Elli Unruh
Joanna Wilson

If you will be looking for a new graduate to join your practice in 2017, these would be excellent choices!

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