New Fees Effective July 1st, 2017

KSVDL will have an updated fee schedule effective July 1, 2017. Most prices will increase slightly, but some will remain the same. This increased percentage is small in order to help keep our prices fair and comparable to other state diagnostic laboratories. As always, we do not charge an accession fee nor do we have in-state/out of state price differentials. In order to help our clients prepare, on June 1, 2017 the updated charges will appear alongside our current online test and fee schedule available at www.ksvdl.org. Thank you for choosing KSVDL for your diagnostic testing needs.

KSVDL Laboratory Diagnosis of Canine Leptospirosis

The two tests routinely utilized for the diagnosis of canine leptospirosis are serology by the 6 serovar microscopic agglutination test (MAT) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing (urine or whole blood).

Given that false negative test results may occur with both the 6 serovar MAT and the urine PCR, we recommend submitting both diagnostic tests as the combination offers the best combination of sensitivity and specificity.

For more information, please call KSVDL Client Care at 866-512-5650 or visit our website at www.ksvdl.organd choose Test and Fees.

KSVDL Personnel Activities

  • Dr. Kelli Almes presented Diagnostic submission hints and case examples at the Continuing Education for Veterinarians at the K-State Olathe Campus.
  • Dr. Megan Niederwerder published a review article titled, Role of the microbiome in swine respiratory disease in Veterinary Microbiology, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.vetmic.2017.02.017
  • Dr. Adi Wasserkrug Naor and Dr. Kelli Almes lead the KSVDL orientation program for the Class of 2018 KSU-CVM students.
  • Dr. Chanran Ganta attended the National Veterinary Dermatology Forum in Orlando, Florida and presented a rare case under the session: What’s Your Diagnosis titled NAVDF Cutaneous T cell Angioinvasive Lymphoma with Lung and Ocular Metastasis in a Cat.
  • Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek and several USDA veterinarians, Trichomoniasis-certified 42 KSU-CVM senior veterinary students.

Field Investigations:

  • Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek with Dr. Matt Miesner (VHC livestock clinician) and two senior students, Taylor Nikkel and Taylor McCluskey, investigated multiple adult cow deaths on cow-calf operation.
  • Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek and KSU-CVM students Mark Spare, Bobbi Ann Shanks, and Joanna Wilson assisted a local practitioner investigate respiratory issues in milk-fed calves housed in confinement.
  • Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek and KSU-CVM student Jacob Nightingale assisted a local practitioner investigate an outbreak of neonatal scours in a cow-calf operation.
  • Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek and KSU-CVM students Kotie Wootten, Bobbi Ann Shanks , Gina Callari, and Joanna Wilson assisted a private practitioner investigate hemorrhagic bowel syndrome in a Kansas dairy.

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