May 2020

Videos on the KSVDL YouTube™ Channel

Have you looked at the KSVDL videos for practitioners and veterinary nurses?

Below is a partial list of videos on the KSVDL website and on the KSVDL YouTube™ Channel.

  • Fecal Egg Count Reduction Test
  • Sampling Round Bales for Nitrates
  • Aqueous and Vitreous Humor Sampling
  • Nasal Swabs for EHV-1 & 4 and Influenza Sampling
  • Collecting Nasal Swabs in Dogs to Diagnose Canine Influenza Virus
  • How to Evaluate Your Stained Cytology Slides
  • And many more!

View all of the videos and subscribe to our KSVDL YouTube Channel here.

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