October 2021

Now Accepting Bovine Trichomonas Samples Submitted in Saline!!!

The KSVDL Molecular Services section has just completed a study assessing the utility of bovine Trich samples submitted in saline, using a new PCR assay.

The accuracy of the new assay is superior to the previous PCR in TF media.

Sample container: sterile tube (plastic tubes are preferred as they are less likely to be broken during transit)

Media: 0.9% saline or PBS (phosphate buffered saline)

Amount of media: 1-2 ml of saline mixed with smegma

KSVDL would be happy to provide the sample tubes containing the appropriate amount of media at no cost to our clients. Clients pay only shipping costs.

To order: please call 866-512-5650 or email

Sample shipment: Ice packs: overnight or two-day delivery

Turnaround time: 48-72 hours

This new test using saline as the media is recognized as an official test by the Kansas Livestock Commissioner. Please make sure the regulations in the state you are residing or shipping bulls into recognize Trichomonas results from saline samples.


  • Greater accuracy
  • Reduced expense because TF media is not needed
  • No expiration date on the saline (do not use if it becomes cloudy)
  • Time from collection to arrival at KSVDL can be longer than 72 hours (shorter is always best)
  • KSVDL does not need to incubate
  • Pooling at the lab (up to 5 bulls) is possible
  • Handle saline samples like other diagnostic samples: ship on cold packs in the summer and pack accordingly during the winter


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