KSVDL Welcomes Dr. Brad Njaanjaa

Dr. Brad Njaa recently joined the KSVDL faculty as an anatomic pathologist. As more of a generalist he enjoys diagnosing disease in a broad variety of animal species. Areas of particular interest include surgical pathology, respiratory pathology, abortion and neonatal death diagnostics, avian pathology and special sense pathology (ocular and otic pathology). He is the primary author of several articles and book chapters on the subject of otic pathology (Jubb, Kennedy and Palmer’s Pathology of Domestic Animals, 6th ed, 2016; Zachary’s Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease, 6th ed, 2016; Vet Clinics of North America Small Animal Otology and Otic Disease; and a forthcoming Tumors in Domestic Animals, 5th ed. Wiley Blackwell 2017). He was also the editor of the recently Updated Kirkbride’s
Diagnosis of Abortion and Neonatal Loss in Animals, 4th edition, Wiley Blackwell 2012.

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