September 2018

KSVDL Personnel Activities

  • Jianfa Bai, invited panelist for a roundtable discussion: “The Changing Face of PCV” - The Allen D. Leman Swine Conference in Saint Paul, MN.
  • Steve Ensley participated in the Uniferon® Summit discussing swine health in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Jamie Henningson completed American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians: National Animal Health Laboratory Network quality management training in Ames, IA.
  • Mike Moore represented the KSVDL at the American Association of Bovine Practitioners Conference in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Gregg Hanzlicek presented: “Fall cow-calf nutritional management” to producers in Northeast Kansas.

Field Investigations:

  • Sudden decrease in dry matter intake and milk production in a Kansas dairy

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