September 2019

Bovine Respiratory PCR Results

By Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek

The graph below is a summary of 1,021 submissions to KSVDL from September, 2018 until the present. Bovine corona virus continues to be the most common virus found in antemortem cases, while BRSV and BVD are the most common viruses found in post mortem cases. Of the BVD samples we sequenced to determine if the virus found was vaccine or field strain, almost all were not associated with vaccine administration.

BRD PCR Results

This table is a summary of the results of postmortem PCR testing results. A large percentage of the lung tissues were positive for one or more of the bacteria associated with respiratory disease. The number of samples positive for Bibersteinia trehalosi were much fewer compared to the other pathogens, but reports from the field are suggesting this organism may be more involved than previously believed.

% Samples Resulting in a Positive PCR
Sample type H. haemolytica P. multocida M. bovis H. somni B. trehalosi
Lung tissue 45.7 32.4 49.7 40.0 6.46


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