Bovine Trichomoniasis Sample Submission Recommendations

From packaging type to temperature, KSVDL has recommendations to make sample submission as efficient as possible.

  • Samples must be submitted in InPouch TF™ pouches or tubes.
  • Samples must arrive in the KSVDL molecular laboratory within 72 hours of collection.
  • Samples must be kept between 59°F and 99°F from sample collection to arrival at the KSVDL.
  • Do not ship samples on ice packs.
  • Samples from multiple bulls cannot be placed in a single pouch or tube.
  • If samples are shipped on Friday, Saturday Delivery is the required shipment mode.

For those samples arriving on Saturday, we will incubate and complete the test on Monday.

Alternative sample submission protocol

  • For samples collected in the InPouch TF™ pouches and tubes, the samples can be incubated in your clinic for 43-48 hours at 95°F to 99°F.
  • These samples then need to be frozen before shipping to us.
  • These samples should be sent to us on ice.