3 Easy Steps For Submitting Companion Animal Core Vaccine Panels

By Rachel Corn, VT

Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL) continually is expanding the number of tests for veterinary practices. One of the most recent and popular new test options are the core vaccine panels.

To submit samples for these panels all you need to do is follow 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Collect your samples.

All of the panels require only 1 ml of serum submitted in a red-top tube or other preservative tube.

Step 2: Select the desired test and complete the online submission form.

  • Canine core vaccine panel which includes canine distemper, canine adenovirus(CAV-2), and canine parvovirus
  • Feline core vaccine panel which includes feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus, and feline panleukopenia

Both panels are $22.50
A micro-RFFIT rabies screen titer can be added to each panel for additional $33.

This submission form is found at http://www.ksvdl.org/submission-forms.html under Core-Vaccine Titer Submission Form. These panels are only available to clinics through this online submission form.

If your clinic does not have an account, please fill out the client registration form located on the top right of this same web page. You will need your account number to access the online submission form. If you do not remember your account number, you can request it from client care by contacting them at 866-512-5650 or clientcare@vet.k-state.edu.

Step 3: Ship your samples.

Please ship your samples in leak proof, secure packaging with cold packs. When you submit the online submission form KSVDL will automatically send you a free UPS Ground label. The transit time, using this label, may be a few days; therefore, to assure your samples are in the best condition for testing, please separate the serum off of the red cells prior to shipping.

Testing can take up to 14 business days and results will be automatically sent to you via email or fax.

Rachel Corn is a Veterinary Technician in the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

If you have any questions please contact client care at 866-512-5650 or clientcare@vet.k-state.edu.

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