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August 2020

Did You Know?

  • KSVDL has next generation sequencing capability that can differentiate nasal and tissue samples vaccine-virus strains from field-virus strains for many bovine diseases.
  • That we now offer a bovine fecal PCR that quantifies, by species, internal parasite burdens.
  • KSVDL offers discount UPS shipping rates for ground, next day, and second day delivery that includes a free package pickup
    • Ground: $7.50
    • 2nd day delivery: $9.50
    • Guaranteed overnight delivery: $15.50
    • Saturday delivery: $22.50
  • Bovines have been the most common domestic species found with Rabies in Kansas in 2020.
  • KSVDL now offers a new Enzootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) ELISA and AGID test

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