October 2018

Coggins Testing Requirements

By Dr. Andy Hawkins

Most issues that arise with EIA testing are directly related to the VS-Form 10-11 also known as the Coggins form. Approved EIA laboratories can only run samples with an accompanying VS Form 10-11 that is completed in entirety.

It is the responsibility of the Category II Accredited Veterinarian to make sure the form is filled out prior to submitting.

Things to remember when filling out the Coggins form:

  1. Do not leave any fields blank.

    • It is acceptable to line through a field or simply indicate n/a or none
  2. The blood draw date must be declared, and the sample must have been submitted to the laboratory and reported out within 30 days from that date to be recognized as an official EIA test.

  3. The submitting veterinarian must include his or her license or accreditation number, contact information, the test type they are requesting, the physical location of the horse and they must sign and date the form.

  4. All EIA test forms, regardless of additional identifiers must include name (if horse is named), age, breed, color and gender for the horse being tested.

  5. It is important to indicate months or years when declaring the age. If you do not know the age of the horse, do your best to estimate the age while not compromising your safety. It is not acceptable to write ‘aged’. You must declare a number.

  6. In addition, a narrative description of the animal’s permanent significant markings, whorls, brands and tattoos is required regardless of whether digital pictures are provided.

    • If the horse has no significant markings, simply indicate, “no markings” and make sure to either draw a line through or indicate n/a or none in each empty field.

If you experience any issues or have questions regarding EIA testing please contact Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health at 785-564-6601.

Dr. Andy Hawkins is the Kansas Agriculture Division of Animal Health, Assistant Animal Health Commissioner.

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