January 2020


KSVDL and the College of Veterinary Medicine want to thank all Kansas practitioners and producers who participated in the state-wide Anaplasmosis study!

It was a great success, and without your help it could not have been accomplished.

The participants included 164 Kansas private practitioners and 964 cow-calf producers (representing almost 10,000 cows). Wow!

One of the study objectives was to estimate the herd prevalence in each Kansas agricultural district. The prevalence results are presented in the map below. The percentage indicates the percentage of herds testing in each district that contained at least one anaplasmosis positive animal.

The manuscript describing the entire study titled:The Bovine Anaplasmosis Herd Prevalence and Management Practices as Risk-Factors Associated with Herd Disease Status can be accessed by following this link.

Map of the Estimated Kansas Herd Prevalence by Agricultural District

Kansas disease trends

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