January 2020

New Tests at KSVDL


  • Anti-nuclear Antibody (IMM-1037)
  • Rheumatoid Factor (IMM-1040)
  • Immuno CSF (IMM-1100)
  • Immuno Pleural (IMM-1140)

Swine Diagnostics

  • Swine Diarrhea PCR Full Panel (MDL-6020)
  • Swine Growing Pig Diarrhea PCR Panel (MDL-6023)
  • Swine Suckling Pig Diarrhea PCR Panel (MDL-6021)
  • Swine Weaned Pig Diarrhea PCR Panel (MDL-6022)
  • Feline Upper Respiratory Viral PCR (MDL-3600)


  • Canine Post-Heat Treatment Heartworm Antigen (PAR-1034)


  • Trace Mineral Panel (TOX-4000)
  • Heavy Metal Panel (TOX-2014)
  • Lead Analysis (TOX-1020)
  • Vitamin A (TOX-1006)
  • Vitamin E (TOX-1005)
  • Copper Analysis (TOX-1012)
  • Selenium Analysis (TOX-1036)
  • Single Element Analysis (TOX-2012)
  • Mycotoxin Fumonisin (TOX-1066)
  • Mycotoxin Aflatoxin (TOX-1067)

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For more information concerning any of these tests, please contact client care at or 866-512-5650.

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