May 2020

KSVDL COVID-19 Testing: What you need to know

Working with several partners, within and outside the university, we have moved several pieces of equipment and personnel into the Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI) to conduct human testing. Testing human samples has to be completed in a highly controlled environment to protect the laboratory staff and allow for continued operation of our veterinary testing. You can read about our current efforts with human testing here.

Although human testing procedure requirements established by the CDC are very similar to the requirements KSVDL has to fulfill to be accredited by the American Association of Veterinary Diagnosticians, we did complete test validation procedures and staff training to perform testing on human samples. The KSVDL rabies human titer testing performed in the rabies section, which is CLIA certified, assisted in getting the human testing established. Another important part was the foreign animal disease planning preparation including training KSVDL personnel at BSL3.

We have adjusted operational hours and staffing schedules to assure KSVDL can continue to provide all of our normal diagnostic services to our veterinary clients and animal owners.

All laboratory sections, including the KSVDL rabies laboratory, continue to test incoming samples under normal business hours. We anticipate only very minor changes to our normal test turnaround times.

Thank you for using KSVDL for your diagnostic needs. We appreciate your business! If you have questions, please continue to contact KSVDL at or 866-512-5650.

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