September 2019

New Tests at KSVDL

  • Feline Upper Respiratory Viral PCR (MDL-3600)

Detects feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus

  • Canine Post-Heat Treatment Heartworm Antigen (PAR-1034)
  • Trace Mineral Panel (TOX-4000)

Detects 14 minerals including Copper, Zinc, and Selenium

  • Blue Green Algae (TOX-1003)
  • Microcystin (TOX-1072)

Detects toxins produced by Blue-green algae

  • Anti-nuclear Antibody
  • Rheumatoid Factor
  • Immuno CSF
  • Immuno Peritoneal
  • Immuno Pleural
  • Immunophenotyping of Bone Marrow
  • Immunophenotyping of Lymph Node Aspirate
  • Immunophenotyping of Peripheral Blood
  • Immunofluorescent Antibody Assay

For more information concerning any of these tests, please contact client care at or 866-512-5650.

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